The Bridge House Brats invite you to enjoy a  20 Minute Vacation in downtown Phoenix NY 
                                                                  Spend the time of your life next to the Oswego River watching the same boats you would travel 100s of mile to see                                      Every FRIDAY 

  July 10 - August 28 -MUSIC  6-8pm                                                        Local Restaurant Dinners & Pie Served Dockside 4:30-7:30pm
                                                                                    Every MONDAY

July 6-August 24 MUSIC IN THE PARK  6-9 p

        Breakfast & Lunch Served:       Monday- Thursday 7-2pm Friday 7am-7 pm 
                                                                                  Saturday 7 am -12 pm 
                                                                        WEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE     TO RSVP  695-1308


Our History

Job Opportunities

The Bridgehouse Brats
  The river ripple soft and slow, as seagulls bask, at  mornings` break
   The harbor lies in quiet stead, amid the flow of water` wake
    Across the scene, the seaboats  sail ,bedecked in sailor finery,
    The flags flow blissfully in flight: unfettered sails, of  symmetry
     The tables line the river walk like grand old soldiers, waiting time
     The Brats are there ,to welcome all, who’re come to see Phoenicians shine ,
      No task of food ,or supplement, is lost to chThey are the future of our time  and this is their beginning bliss
       A cup of “Joe” is served just so with a breakfast hot and good
 as children learn the way to thrire the way that children should
     There are no hours to make amends for the children gone away but with Cathy there and Carole too ,these lives will fly
   The Bridgehouse Brats will make their mark in the years that will abide and they will be remembered for their touch of civic pride

Jim Jo hst                                           

Who We Are

Bridge House Brats