Bridge House Brats




                                                                                                TALLOOI SUMMER CAMP

                                                                                                 CRUISES OF THE PAST                                                                                                                                    

                                                         Canal Corp Director Brian Stratton and CANAL NY Exec Director
                                                           JJ Johnston with some Bridge House Brats in Phoenix NY

                                                                                    Brats are a good thing in Phoenix

                                                                                                       By: Iris St. Meran

                   If a person acts like a brat, it's not typically a good thing. But a group of kids in Phoenix are changing the way their community
                       feels about Brats. They're the Bridge House Brats and they're serving their community by cleaning and welcoming boaters,
                                      among other things. Our Iris St. Meran tells us why it's cool to be a brat, at least in Phoenix.

                                                                           Bridge House Brats on the New York Waterway.

                                                                                                   Bridge House Brats

                                                                              Watch the  Bridge House Brats  Canal New York